What problem am I trying to solve?

No good courses on our sheet for uncommon wind directions, like SE

Most reverse courses, with finish at F, would require a loop around the last mark, so R courses need to finish at the committe boat, but we are not usually set up to finsish at there.

The course sheet is tricky to read.

If wind is from the east, where on Lake Elizabeth should we put the finish line?

North Shore to F
Finish downwind
Usual location
North Shore to 3
Finish upwind
Keep in mind the course from the last mark when setting the flag
A little far from the usual location
North Short to A
Finish upwind
Far from the usual location, which is a problem if the wind shifts back
Committee boat
Finish upwind
Ties up the committee boat
Our current standing rules say reversed courses finish at committee boat

Sorted Courses

A possible rationalized course sheet similar to the Berkeely Circle scheme.

Grouped according the finish line locations they work with.

Sorted by direction of the beat.