Saturdays in 2014 Fremont Event Other Events, and guesses, where Sundays in 2014 Fremont Event Other Events, and guesses, where
8-Feb         9-Feb      
    Midwinters #3 Lake Merrritt          
15-Feb         16-Feb      
22-Feb         23-Feb      
1-Mar   RYC midwinters (optis) Richmond   2-Mar Board Mtg RYC midwinters Richmond
    Sail a Small Boat Day       next Tuesday    
8-Mar   Big Daddy (keelboats) Richmond   9-Mar   Midwinters #4 Lake Merrritt
15-Mar         16-Mar      
22-Mar         23-Mar      
29-Mar         30-Mar      
5-Apr         6-Apr      
12-Apr   Big Dinghy Richmond   13-Apr   Big Dinghy Richmond
19-Apr         20-Apr   Easter Sunday  
26-Apr   camelia cup folsom   27-Apr   camelia cup folsom
    BullShip gate       big bikers event near Fremont  
3-May         4-May Spring123    
            FJrc LidoBQ    
10-May   Flight of the Bulls (el Toro) Foster City   11-May   Mother's Day  
17-May         18-May Fremont    
24-May   Memorial Day Weekend     25-May   Memorial Day Weekend  
    Whiskeytown,  Eugene         Whiskeytown, Eugene  
31-May   Delta Ditch Richmond   1-Jun Spring456    
      Stockton     LidoRC    
7-Jun         8-Jun      
    Gold Country YC Regatta         Gold Country YC Regatta  
14-Jun CoF elToro Nationals clear lake   15-Jun      
  beginners           Fathers day  
21-Jun CoF Mayors Cup Lake Merritt   22-Jun Spring789    
  beginners         ToroRC    
28-Jun CoF       29-Jun Summer123    
  beginners         LidoRC    
5-Jul         6-Jul      
              elToro Junior camp stockton
12-Jul   Fresno YC High Sierra Rgta Hntngtn Lk   13-Jul   Fresno YC High Sierra Rgta Hntngtn Lk
              lido class chps following  
19-Jul CoF       20-Jul Summer456    
  beginners         ToroRC FJbq    
26-Jul CoF       27-Jul      
  beginners Folsom Centerboard Regatta folsom          
2-Aug CoF elToro Worlds pinecrest   3-Aug Summer789    
  beginners         FJRC    
9-Aug         10-Aug      
              lido junior class champs long beach
16-Aug CoF       17-Aug Fall123    
  intermediate         ToroRC    
23-Aug CoF       24-Aug      
30-Aug   Labor Day Weekend     31-Aug   Labor Day Weekend  
6-Sep         7-Sep Fall456    
13-Sep         14-Sep      
20-Sep   Totally Dinghy Richmond   21-Sep   Totally Dinghy Richmond
27-Sep         28-Sep Fall789    
            LidoRC TorBQ    
4-Oct         5-Oct      
11-Oct         12-Oct   Stampede (el Toro) Richmond
18-Oct   CorkScrew Slough (el Toro)     19-Oct      
25-Oct         26-Oct      
1-Nov         2-Nov   LWSC Turkey Shoot Sacramento
8-Nov   Tentative Bailer's Ball     9-Nov      
15-Nov         16-Nov      
22-Nov         23-Nov